>  getting older by the decade ...
>  a GST specialist by (part-time) day
>  a bit of a cook by night and weekend (see the new Coconut Macaroon Tart and Panna cotta recipes!)
>  a long time (amateur) poet, with 4 self-published collections, working on-and-off on a version of the 'Little Illiad' (set after the action in the 'Aethiopis') which seems to now include episodes from WWII ...
>  a keen photographer, with a number of photo-books of fungi in the Westleigh area of Sydney (the 2021 edition is the latest)
>  reading 'The Fugitive' by Marcel Proust
> listening to PJ Harvey ('I Inside the Old Year Dying'), Mitski ('The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We'), Kavita Shah ('Cape Verdean Blues'), James Blake ('Playing Robots into Heaven')
... and I'll update this site when something new or interesting is available.
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