>  a GST specialist by (work) day, still WFH post-lockdown
>  a bit of a cook by night and weekend (check out the new boeuf bourguignon recipe!)
> a really terrible barber
>  a long time (amateur) poet, with 4 self-published collections, working on a version of the 'Little Illiad' (set after the action in the 'Aethiopis')
>  a keen (weekend) photographer, with a number of photo-books of fungi in the Westleigh area of Sydney (2021 version just released)
>  reading 'Heat' by Bill Buford
> listening to Billie Eilish ('Happier than ever'), Nick Cave ('Carnage'), Joy Crookes ('Skin'), Charm of Finches ('Wonderful Oblivion'), Tori Amos ('Ocean to ocean'), Radiohead ('Kid A Mnesia')
... and I'll update this site when something new or interesting is available.
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