These picture were all taken from late 2019 to early July 2021 (the fungi just kept coming this year!).   With period lockdowns and travel restrictions, it's been another ordinary year in Australia, but not as bad as many others are living through.  
It was a strange fungi 'season', with periods of very heavy (read: flooding) rains, and others alternating between dry and old-school drizzly.  The approach this year has been not so much 'perfect' (ie miniature and in-focus) pictures of the most exotic ones I could find, and more dreamy backgrounds with the subject interacting in some way with the background / foreground.  I've gotten better at this as the year went on, but I don't proclaim to be an expert.
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There is no avoiding the fact that late 2019 and (so far at last) all of 2020 have been lousy times in Australia (as elsewhere).  The bushfires that burnt out large parts of NSW from July 2019, as well as the plague which arrived in February / March 2020, have affected everything, and the choice of photographic subjects among the available mushroom population around Westleigh is no exception.  If there seem to be more ‘apocalyptic’ compositions and backgrounds in the photos, and lots of dead or dying fungi, that is probably not a coincidence.
My approach, as always, has been to select specimens based on the ones that photographed well. I don’t embarrass myself by trying to name them.
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The 2019 ‘season’ was very stop-start, reflecting weeklong periods of heavy rain, punctuated by long periods of none at all. There were fungi to be seen quite early (March / April) and quite late (into July).
This year was also punctuated in Westleigh by SES ‘hazard reduction’ burning on the walks that I tend to use, wiping out a few areas (not too many) that were favourites of mine for fungi spotting. It will be interesting to see if (and how quickly) these return to life. [Edit - they mostly did!]
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These pictures were taken from March to June 2017, in a particularly good ‘season’ for fungi in Sydney because of the (near record) rains in January / February, and a sustained level of humidity (starting back in October 2016) more reminiscent of south-east Asia than Sydney.
Some pictures are fairly obviously of the same species, but at different stages of their life cycle. Some are sporing, or have become the host for other types of fungi. 
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